It was as a concert photographer that Frederick began photography. Motivated by his encounters with Queen in 1980 and 1982 in Belgium and then with the band Iron Maiden at the Reading Festival in England, thanks to his friendship with bassist and band leader Steve Harris, the concert photography was a passion during about fifteen years.

His meeting with the band Metallica in 1983 made him travel to the world of rock during the decade that followed this first meeting - in a restaurant in the village of Poperinge in Belgium. Befriended Kirk Hammet and James Hetfield, they have always opened the doors of their concerts or their home in San Francisco.


Creator of the pumpkins for the German band Helloween (Keeper Of The 7 Keys) group then published 100% of the drawings sent by Frederick at the time. Subsequently, the group asked its illustrator specific designs for their merchandising (T-shirts, caps, patches, flags, stickers, posters, etc.). Following the success of his Pumpkins Comics, the group then used Frederick's drawings for single covers and then album covers.

The Pumpkins

Around 1997-98, weary of the concert photography because of the multiplication of the number of photographers and the administrative constraints (various contracts) that it entailed, Frederick left the world of the concerts photography while keeping a very good contact with some of the groups he met during this time.

Some studio photos made for musicians, actors and comedians for their personal promotion or for visuals related to the promotion of their art. Posters, flyers, album covers or personal portfolios.

After a total stopping of photography for nearly ten years and with the advent of digital photography, Frederick bought equipment to engage in comedians' photography to create the "Comédie Centrale" theatrical posters. After a few one-shots of posters for Virginie Hocq or the Ridremont-Leborgne tandem and their Two Men Show, Frederick became responsible for the image of the Comédie Centrale theaters under the direction of Eric Marquis.

Today (and for more than a decade) it is mainly the creation of web design and studio photography that drives his creativity.

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