Today - as photographer
Installation in Mauritius to continue the development of the creation of websites. Since June 2017, creation of HYPNO LUXO Ltd, in association with Frank M Hinrichs as financial director and collaboration with Stéphane Turrin, developer and manager of OzarK in Belgium. Today, the photo activity is all about creating new visuals thanks to the photos taken in the studio in Belgium during the last few years.

2015-2018 - Images Creation
My current project is the production of visuals and movie posters based on the photography of friends disguised as comic characters. The project began with the shooting of Spirou during an exhibition at Seed Factory for the 75 years of the character. Then a series on Tif & Tondu and Mr Choc of the cartoonist Will. This project was temporarily interrupted by my installation in Mauritius but I continue to think about it and to work on the project as soon as I have free time.

2005-2015 - Photographer for Theater Posters
Thanks to the confidence of Eric Marquis, the owner and director of theaters Comédie Centrale and Comédie en île, I was able to contribute to the promotion of theater performances and one-man-shows of actors by my work as a photographer and graphic designer. I had the opportunity to work for André Lamy, Olivier Leborgne, Stefan Cuvelier, Renaud Rutten, Alain Soreil, Pierre Theunis and Didier Boclinville but also for Bérénice, Nathalie van Tongelen, Amandine Rajau, Jules Bernard, Carlos Vaquera, Zidani or Richard Ruben.

2005-2015 - Studio shootings with friends and amateur models
Since the advent of digital photography, almost everyone became a photographer. The time went on, the less the quality was there in order to create posters or album covers. Often under-exposed, fuzzy or poorly framed. So I decided to buy a Canon MK II and practice shooting in the studio. Re-learn the lighting to propose images halfway between photography and illustration. The "non-realistic" aspect of my portraits is wanted. Halfway between the HDR and hyper-realistic illustration I tried to give my photos a movie posters side.

1998-2005 - Occasional Photography
Having left the world of advertising agencies, I continue to do some photos and illustrations to create posters or album covers. I do not have equipment yet but I borrow or rent equipment or lighting for one-off projects. Advertising posters, event posters, visuals for groups on tour or for their album.

1990-1998 - My years in advertising
Photography is left aside for art direction. Few photos but a lot of manipulations of images and retouching.

1982-1997 - Concerts Photographer
Since my first concerts in 79/80 (Queen, The Police, Bob Marley, Santana, Motorhead, AC / DC, The Cure, Peter Gabriel, The Scorpions or The Clash) I photographed these concerts as an amateur. I was still in school. In 1982 at the Reading Festival in England, everything changed. Steve Harris, bassist of Iron Maiden, (that I met a few weeks earlier in Belgium and before that, when opening for Kiss - in 1980) gives me an All Access VIP Pass for the three days of the festival. This is where all my first contacts with the world of Rock began (bands, managers, concert promotors, record companies, etc.). For more than fifteen years I walked all the concerts and festivals of Europe as a Guest, VIP or simple accredited photographer. It is within this context that I met Metallica in their early days (1983) and Helloween (1985). I proposed my photos to Helloween by signing my letter from a little comic character wearing a pumpkin head. I was immediately contacted back by the band to draw other pumpkin drawings. This is where the story of Pumpkins Comics began.

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